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Redirection Counseling offers individual and couples therapy, coaching and consultation for leaders and professionals, and presentations and workshops on issues related to mental health, self-care, work/life balance, diversity, and cultural sensitivity.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Half Day to Full Day Training Workshops available upon request



Couples & Family


Coaching & Training

Redirection Counseling aims to help people navigate and thrive during periods of uncertainty, transition, and change.


Individual therapy for adolescents and adults and couples therapy is available.


Helping leaders and professionals with career advancement, team building, time management, and effective communication. 



Cultural sensitivity training and consulting on ways to make your business, team, or classroom  more inclusive. 

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Dr. Jennifer Kasey

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Dr. Kasey is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a passion for working with individuals of all backgrounds and identities. She also has a passion for coaching and empowering professionals on their journey in career growth, leadership, and team building.


Given Dr. Kasey's value for issues of diversity and the well-being of communities of color, Dr. Kasey integrates an affirming approach within her counseling and coaching, and also offers cultural sensitivity trainings to nonprofits, businesses, sports teams, churches, schools and universities.

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